Join us at the Canadian Immigration Summit 2015

We are pleased to be partnering with The Conference Board of Canada for their upcoming event, Canadian Immigration Summit 2015: Towards a National Immigration Action Plan on April 13-14, 2015 at the Fairmont Château Laurier in Ottawa.

Canadian Immigration Summit 2015 is bringing together major stakeholders from across Canada’s immigration system—to explore ways to modernize and enhance our immigration policies and programs, and contribute to the development of a National Immigration Action Plan for Canada.

Delegate Consultations on a National Immigration Action Plan – Represent Your Organization!

Summit participants will be invited to share their views and insights, and take part in interactive discussions and consultation sessions to identify challenges and innovative solutions. Insights will be captured by rapporteurs, and used in the development of a National Immigration Action Plan for Canada.  

The Summit will feature sessions and discussions on the following topics:

  • Two Solitudes? Federal and Provincial Collaboration on Immigration
  • Reforming Immigration for Skilled Trades People—From Invitation to Employment
  • Immigrants as Innovators, Global Traders and Exporters—Do Recent Immigrants Advance Canada's Export Agenda?
  • The Express Entry System—How Does It Work and How Can You Engage With It?
  • Trends and Strategies for Attracting International Students
  • Driving Strategic Migration from Cities to Small Communities
  • An Issue that Matters—Optimizing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program for Canada
  • Streamlining the System: From Invitation to Integration—Global Practices and Challenges
  • Dialogue on Ideas for Action—Delegate Consultation on Developing a National Immigration Action Plan

For the full agenda and list of speakers, please visit their website.

Join the dialogue and discover how we can enhance our immigration system.

Register today and enter PRM9 to save $300! Please note that this fee applies to non-registered delegates only.

For assistance with your registration, or if you have any questions, please contact Emily Hayward at or 613-526-3090 ext. 393.